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The Xero Gumbo

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It’s winter and in Louisiana that means one thing- Gumbo season! My first pot a few weeks ago disappeared instantly. (Funny how it takes so much longer to cook than it does to be eaten.) Tax deadlines had just passed, which is exciting for me as I get to help small businesses save money, and

Gusto Gives You Lemonade

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Employees are the lifeblood of your organization. Without them, you would be doing all the work yourself, and you still may be. Everyone deserves to get paid for their hard work, but sometimes taking the easy road to paying them seems like the easiest thing to do –whether or not the IRS agrees with you

How we do better business for law firms

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Your legal practice in the cloud When it comes to helping law firms with their numbers, Aguillard Accounting is not your Daddy’s traditional CPA shop. We use secure software solutions built in the cloud to run your firm’s real-time numbers – available anytime, anywhere. Let us introduce you to Xero.   From workflow to accounting