Your legal practice in the cloud

When it comes to helping law firms with their numbers, Aguillard Accounting is not your Daddy’s traditional CPA shop. We use secure software solutions built in the cloud to run your firm’s real-time numbers – available anytime, anywhere. Let us introduce you to Xero.


From workflow to accounting to payroll, our goal is to manage the bookkeeping paper chase that fills your non billable hours. We take care of the day-to-day accounting and compliance, and let you focus on building your law practice.


Your in-house experts

Sharing your financials takes trust. And it’s important that you know the people keeping your cashflow, flowing.


The first thing we like to do is meet. Monica Laverne, our Director of Client Technology and I review your firm – from clients, operational structure and pain points. Our expertise in the legal space lets us go beyond accounting to help improve your billing cycles, time-sheets and practice management.


Your integrated platform

Partners, Associates and even Junior lawyers love it when we show them Xero cloud accounting. Xero is a reliable and secure accounting platform with the tools to support a growing legal practice, including:


  • Trust Accounting
  • Payments
  • Invoicing
  • Expense claims
  • Cashflow
  • Bank Reconciliation


Best of all, we customize Xero with integrated add-ons to fit your firm. For example, we sync Xero with Clio for legal practice management and MinuteDock for time tracking. The result is always up-to-date financials running on real-time data.


Your turn

Doing better business for law firms means going beyond the nuts and bolts of bookkeeping.


As our team wrangles the accounting, your practice becomes more efficient. As we clear your to-do list of tracked hours, costs and expenses, you find more time to focus. And as we keep your billings complaint and report real-time financials, you make stronger decisions to grow your firm.


Now it’s your turn. Let’s start a conversation. A simple call or email is all we need to begin.

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