Sixty-Day Career Meditation- Stepping Away from the To-Do List

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I started my firm five years ago, almost exactly.  I had recently split from my husband and started my own accounting firm so I could be around for my children. I grew my practice, got certified in many cloud-based add-ons, began teaching Xero’s certification course, became a Xero US Ambassador, bought an app, launched a

Small Business Accounting 101

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I came across an Australian Xero Partner website Account Aspects the other day that had a great little post about 6 Fundamental Bookkeeping Strategies to achieve accurate bookkeeping and help save on accounting fees. It’s true that small business owners often procrastinate and use unique methods to account for their business activity. (Sometimes not at

The Xero Gumbo

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It’s winter and in Louisiana that means one thing- Gumbo season! My first pot a few weeks ago disappeared instantly. (Funny how it takes so much longer to cook than it does to be eaten.) Tax deadlines had just passed, which is exciting for me as I get to help small businesses save money, and