Five Must-Haves for Single Parentpreneurs

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Five Must-Haves for Single Parentpreneurs Amazon Prime- When you’re a single working parent, you have no time.   Enter Amazon Prime.  I can’t remember the last time I went “shopping” but the reality is that our household can’t live off what is available at the neighborhood gas station, so we order what we need.  We

#MomBoss Struggles (or The Time I Cried to Rod Drury Over Coffee)

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This morning I was lucky enough to hear some inspiring stories of badass women.  Amy Vetter hosted a Women in Business breakfast to kickoff Day 2 of Xerocon.  It was an honest discussion about our struggles as females in a male-dominated industry.  Actually, two male-dominated industries- accounting and tech.  It was not a bashing session,

Xero Integration Head to Head: Gusto vs. ADP RUN

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Xero does not have native payroll processing in Louisiana, or some twenty-five other states, so Xero users must choose a separate payroll service for that functionality. The two biggest players in the Xero add-on market are Gusto and ADP. Launched in 2012, Gusto, formerly ZenPayroll, was created as a modern cloud-based payroll service, far from

10 Reasons to Love Xero Bank Rules

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Ninety percent of a small business’ transactions affect bank or credit card accounts. That is a lot of reconciling! Xero’s bank rules allow you to automagically clear your bank feed.   Here are our Top Ten favorite features of and uses for Xero bank rules:   Name Game – When you create a bank rule

Small Business Accounting 101

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I came across an Australian Xero Partner website Account Aspects the other day that had a great little post about 6 Fundamental Bookkeeping Strategies to achieve accurate bookkeeping and help save on accounting fees. It’s true that small business owners often procrastinate and use unique methods to account for their business activity. (Sometimes not at

Gusto Gives You Lemonade

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Employees are the lifeblood of your organization. Without them, you would be doing all the work yourself, and you still may be. Everyone deserves to get paid for their hard work, but sometimes taking the easy road to paying them seems like the easiest thing to do –whether or not the IRS agrees with you