Xero + Vend

Vend + Xero



Run your retail. Don’t let it run you. Xero + Vend can help.

Whether you’re a coffee shop or a high fashion boutique, have five warehouses or just a pop-up shop, run your business from the counter top, laptop or from your tablet, Vend is your solution as a first class point of sale, e-commerce and inventory management system.

With Vend’s easy to use interface, exceptional inventory tracking, dynamic reporting and customer loyalty programs, Vend can help you scale up from your very beginnings as the new pop up shop, to your award winning website, to your new store front and beyond. Growing your business doesn’t include growing your workload because Vend helps you every step of the way.

Vend’s cloud-based point of sale works great for businesses with multiple revenue streams that include retail sales as well as services, such as coffee shops and quick service restaurants, bike shops or computer and electronic service shops. Retail shops looking to expand to online storefronts can move to a web based presence with a few simple clicks.



Some great features of Vend include:

  • Accept multiple forms of payments including gift cards and reward your customers with a  loyalty program
  • Bring your products online in a snap with its e-commerce feature
  • Manage your inventory at multiple locations including order reminders
  • Live reporting on customers and products with the dynamic reporting features
  • Work in the cloud, or even offline if you have to
  • Scale to add registers or users when needed
  • Streamline operations with use of multiple add-ons from marketing to staff schedules


Xero + Vend

Grow your retail business in the cloud. It’s never been so easy.

Your passion is your business, not accounting. We get it. It’s not too much to expect that your systems and processes can help make running and growing a business easier, not boggle you down. Using the Xero + Vend integration helps you do that.

Use Xero with the Vend integration for a single source look at your sales and inventory data from your desktop, tablet or smart phone. Then take a glance at the overall health of your business with Xero’s robust reporting and dashboard metrics.

Vend’s easy to use cloud-based point of sale solution combined with Xero’s beautiful accounting software, one of the easiest small business accounting tools, take the ‘counting’ out of accounting and puts it into your time business efforts. Get back to what you do best – small business owner.

With Xero you can:

  • Connect your bank accounts and get automatic feeds to keep track of collections daily
  • Reconcile bank transactions with ease – and on the go!
  • Get an up to the minute view of your cash flow
  • View sales data from all of your sales channels
  • Substantiate expenses by sending receipts to your file box

With Vend you can:

  • Avoid duplicate entry by pushing sales data straight to Xero
  • Automagically reconcile bank deposits to pending Vend deposits
  • Update cost of sales from Vend to Xero
  • Track unused loyalties or gift cards