Xero + Gusto


Forget everything you ever heard about running payroll.

Nothing has ever gotten such a bad rap as payroll processing. Employees, deductions, direct deposits, withholdings, reporting —ugh. Enough to make you not want to hire any employees. But you have to. Let Gusto take away the fear of all the nightmares you’ve heard and see just how easy it is to run payroll. With the click of a button, your payroll has been processed and you. are. done.

Gusto is made for small business owners, not accountants. It’s easy-to-use interface lets you hire employees and run payroll in simple to understand steps. Their value pricing also lets you run as many payrolls as needed at no extra cost. Let them handle the headaches like filings quarterly returns and processing year-end W-2’s. You can even pay you contractors through Gusto so they can be paid electronically.

Gusto’s other incredible offerings make them your outsourced HR department. Let them help you with benefits and worker comp. Everything is right there at your fingertips.



Pay your employees in a snap and have peace of mind.

You’re not an accountant, we get it. But it’s not too much to expect that your systems and processes can help make running a business easier.

Use Xero with the Gusto integration for a “one-stop shop” to look at your payroll data from your desktop, tablet or smart phone. Then take a glance at the overall health of your business with Xero’s robust reporting and dashboard metrics.

Gusto’s easy to use cloud-based payroll processing solutions combined with Xero’s beautiful accounting software, one of the easiest small business accounting tools, take the ‘counting’ out of accounting and puts it into your time business efforts. Get back to what you do best – small business owner.

With Xero you can:

  1. Connect your bank accounts and get automatic feeds to keep track of collections daily
  2. Reconcile bank transactions with ease – and on the go!
  3. Get an up to the minute view of your cash flow
  4. Manage business overhead costs
  5. Substantiate expenses by sending receipts to your file box

With Gusto you can:

  1. Enter employees and process with one click
  2. Manage your employees and enter payroll hours effortlessly
  3. Have employees enroll on line, saving you time from entering
  4. Stay mobile using your tablet or smartphone and process time on the go!
  5. Sync payroll data with Xero to record and track payments from the bank



Gusto: Payroll, Benefits & Workers Comp